Arcade 1997 Dos Dosbox Geckosoft Shooter

Minimalist Bomberman; nicely drawn mazes

Fracas is a minimalist, well polished graphically clone of Dyna or Bomberman. The graphics of the mazes look like they've been cell shaded, and also, they pop out, as if tridimensional, though that's just an illusion; the game is a top down 2D one, all the way. Another little thing that popped out when playing it was the way the game uses Pac Man looking ghosts for enemies, a nice tough that will surely endear some other players as well! Anyway, gameplay wise it's Bomberman all the way: you navigate the mazes, place bombs, destroy walls while keeping out of the reach of the bombs radius, and, as much as possible, you try and find the upgrades hidden within the game's walls. Therefore, the gameplay recipe is that of the classic arcade game, though, I must admit, the graphical presentation, with its little improvement and overall style is very conducive to long playthroughs, that will not tire you eyes, like, say, a more jaggedly/pixilated presentation might. But, how long you choose to play it will be a question of your resistance to the game's simple mechanics, which, of course, as you progress will put more challenge in front of you.

A semi-good copy of Bomberman

Francas is a solid, but not overly original copy of the famous 80's game Bomberman with the practically identical gameplay and a little cosmetic power up. As a wizard, you have to set bombs at various tactically organized places to defeat your enemies and get to the end of the level. There are a lot rocks at various points of the level and if you blow those up, you may find some interesting goodies such as lives or items which will get you more points. While the game is pretty fun to play, I think it's very far from the original Bomberman. I don't like the sound effects and the animation is kind of poor in my opinion. The levels are designed pretty well but there are not varied enough. The graphics are detailed and nice enough, but the sountrack is lacking in quality or existence, for that matter. So, if you like Bomberman, you can give the game a shot but I suggest you rather try the original game of some of the better clones, like Atomic Bomberman.

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