Game Builder Lite

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Shareware adventure creator bundle; nice enough

Game Builder Lite is no contender for the professional level production of Adventure Game Studio but it can definitely can be a good tutor for your first steps into game design, especially of adventure games. It's got all the tools necessary, from the animation building tools to the background design tools, plus all the necessary tools that you might need to script events and so on. It's relatively easy to use, it's got a menu based interface that is properly formatted , and also, it's got the most usual tools, so you can build, test and produce your games. Sure enough, you won't be looking at a development suite that can produce commercial grade games, but Game Builder Lite is and should be more regarded as a teaching tool set. Sure, it would have been great if it featured a more meaty manual or interactive tutorial, but then again, as I see it, you'll want to look into it just for the sake of seeing how game production bundles have evolved. And when you decide that you are serious about producing your own little adventure game, use AGS; it's the best, even today and the community is still sprawling, ready to give you a helping hand.

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