Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Action 2005 Windows Valve Corporation Shooter

Half-Life: The Lost Levels

Lost Coast is a very minor expansion pack to Half-Life 2. It adds one level to the overall journey of Gordon Freeman. Early on in Half-Life 2, there's mention of a town getting shelled by an artillery cannon. Each shell is filled with a hand full of the iconic Half-Life zombifying head crabs. Gordon even sees these shells early in the game in his escape from City 17, but that's the last we hear about the shells or the cannon, about an hour into the game. There is also a city across the way as seen from City 17. How this city can be so close and not be a part of the big experiment is unanswered, until Lost Coast. The city is occupied by the Half-Life villainous Combine soldiers, and it's also where the artillery cannon is placed. Gordon makes his way to the city and destroys the cannon. You can finish the entirety of Lost Coast it in about an hour or less. At first, that doesn't seem like much, but the development of Lost Coast was a tool for the Half-Life 2 development team, where they experiment and pioneer new gameplay mechanics that you would later see in Episodes 1 and 2. It's a fun little romp, fills in some plot holes, and adds to the Half-Life 2 collection.

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