Action 2006 Windows Shooter

Scary indeed

Anyone with a hankering for some old-school shooting fun and games, in the style of Doom or Blake Stone, might be curious about checking out this obscure little offering. However, to do so would be a huge mistake as despite being released many years after the likes of Wolfenstein or Hexen, this manages to be an almost complete disaster which looks, sounds, and plays like the best efforts of a ten-year-old novice programmer who knows nothing about games. As you might guess from the title, this one is themed around that spookiest of holidays and sees you blundering around a series of creepy maze-like environments, blasting away at various supposedly scary monsters, ghouls, and ghosts, while you search for the way out of all this wacky mayhem. There are objectives you need to complete before you can progress, while the whole thing is played out against the clock, adding some tension to the experience. You've got an array of weapons to help you out, including both ranged and melee and the game proudly boasts more than ten levels of fun. However, finding the fun here is actually pretty difficult as the action is just monstrously bad that most people will be screaming to be let out within just a few minutes. The visuals are so bad they'll make your eyes bleed, with horrendous textures and eye-wateringly awful animation and colors, while the gameplay is tedious in the extreme, requiring little more than flailing around desperately in the hope that this wretchedness will go away. Definitely one to avoid.

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