Action 1998 Windows Sierra Shooter Futuristic

Great FPS game with variety

This sci-fi FPS action game exceeded many standards of its time because it brought some real good combination of features. The plot is that a scientist was working at a nuclear research facility and one of the experiments went wrong. This experiment opened the gates to the Xen planet through which aliens started to invade earth with all their malicious thoughts to take it over. Now the scientist name Gordon freeman will become an icon in his fight against these aliens. Being a shooter game, you are sure to get some good variety of weapons which can be upgraded with some very good elements and can be used to perform some real destruction and killing. At every level in the game, you will find surprises and hidden power ups but they all have some sort of puzzles which you will have to go through to find you path and to kill the enemies. So action has been mixed with strategy and this has given emergence to a great action and full on adventure which all gaming geeks will love. The 3D graphics in it are very good and the controls are amazing. You can experience the same theme in games like Doom.

Half-Life, all game

Half-Life was a landmark title in the evolution of first-person shooters. Not only were the technical specs ahead of everything else on the market, the developers were able to add a compelling sci-fi story around the game. Stories in FPS games, up until this point, were usually left underdeveloped. Muscle-bound hero kills everything in a ball of fire” is what we were used to. Half-Life introduced us to Gordon Freeman, the scientist, and scientists are rarely represented well in games as heroes. Gordon became a geek icon. Half-Life eventually spawned numerous mods like Zombie Panic, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, and Natural Selection, all free to play so long as you own the original game. The series spawned three official side-stories, Blue Shift, Opposing Forces, and Decay. You're not just buying a game, you're buying into an expanded universe to include Half-Life 2, Lost Coast, Episodes 1

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The story starts in New Mexico, surely known for Area 51 and aliens experiment in the past. Gordon Freeman is an employ of Black Mesa Research Facility, a company involved in obscure (and secret) nuclear experiments. One day some tests goes wrong and a gate to Xen planet opened: it means aliens from this world starts invading earth and it means the start of Half-Life game! This FPS from late `90 it was great at its time, for its tipycal action elements and for some puzzle and combat tasks you will have to perform during the gameplay. The story is not so bad, though aliens started invading the earth since '94 with Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and so on. Good graphics with nice 3D, good game, great action from this first Half-Life episode.

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