Hardball 2

Sport 1989 Dos Dosbox Accolade Baseball

More graphically streamlined than its older brother

Hardball 2 in essence is still your classical take on baseball action gaming. The game is a more streamlined overall experience than the original; it takes a bit of polish in all the aspects. But the recipe is still the same: your batting is done through a minigame, your pitching is again, a minigame. To bring more realism into it, the game however, does a reading of the player used in the current sequence of events, and depending on his proficiencies decides on how the action sequence is performed. But this is done smart enough so that you will have any issues feeling in controlling, as the game does count on your speed of reaction quite in many different hypostases. The game can be tyried in EGA and CGA, so the graphics can vary depending on your version, evidently with the CGA packing more colors. At any rate, the game is an ok experience of the era, so expect lots of sprites and minigame based gameplay. Alternatively, try a much later title in the series for more solid improvements made in the graphical department.

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