Sport 1985 Dos Accolade Baseball

Baseball for two; with loads of control options

Hardball! is a baseball action game, with loads of additional options included, especially in the ball handling portion of the game. While some other games of this sort just give you a mini puzzler type of experience, in which you press a button at the right time, in this one you have lots more options. You can throw curveballs, you can throw steal balls, you can pitch in different ways, and, even if diverse, it never gets cumbersome. Graphically, it's a combination of static 3D shots, and a field view that is slightly isometric. This makes the game look and feel nice and it creates a really interesting interplay of graphic instances. Plus, you can play with a friend, either on the same keyboard (a bit too strenuous) or on keyboard and on a gamepad. Surely worthy game, and all the games in the series kept on improving. Thus, when Hardball 5 was released it was definitely a really nice experience, surely worthy of playing, with graphics and animations that are , if you will, retro next gen! So don't miss it!

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