RBI Baseball 2

Sport 1990 Dos Dosbox Atari Baseball

Port from the Nintendo Entertainment system; playable

RBI Baseball 2 is a highly playable baseball arcade game, cartoony graphically, with that 8bit beautiful production that was the high note of the NES. For a 90s released title, you can expect it to be a little more thoroughly polished than a lot of other NES titles, but, then again, you should not expect it to be anything too special or spectacular either. That is so because RBI Baseball 2 while perfectly adept a game, its still the kind where the adverse team doesn't really have a strategy in play; instead they play mechanically, and after you've found the quirks, you can go on and just exploit that in your advantage. Thus, I'd say that you can play this game mostly until you find it's quirks and glitches, after which it will lose its charm. At any rate, distinct from the NES version, this one has better sounds and a bit better graphics, though its NES cloak is still there, present and you can't shake it off! Not that it's bad, but RBI Baseball 2 just doesn't feel like a DOS game, for good or worse. Also, while arcade, it also has lots of statistics, if you care for these in such oldies, not that they change the game too much, but they do add a layer of flavor that sits well with the game. Another cool arcade baseball game is also Micro League Baseball 4 which adds a little more strategy layers to the game, if that is something you care for.

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