Hardball 6

Sport 1998 Windows Accolade Baseball

Baseball sim with gameplay hinged on situational hitting

The same questions that most baseball sims ask, namely, how to create a feeling of simulation while keeping the game phases linked together and not burden the player with excessive controls, this set of questions is answered by this game with a situational based control scheme. What does that mean? Well, it means that each ball you hit and each ball you throw will have parameters that you interact with depending on the skills of your player and a few other indicators which are kept in the background; ye, the game is played in a very arcade manner but that doesn't stop the developers from trying to bring some simulation in there, namely by infusing your action play with these pre established or computed at the moment math, that aims to simulate the player's skills. Other than that you get to play for consecutive seasons, while inter league matches can also be disputed. If you feel like investing ome more time in the nicely done 3D game, you will probably be happy to know that it contains a customizable league generator to keep things interesting and fresh and, it also contains narration, audio commentary, though it gets a bit old too soon. Anyway, in the style of the Hardball series this game too takes most of its aims from the previous series but adds just enough new content to make the new game feel worth a go.

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