Headline Harry and The Great Paper Race

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox Davidson & Associates Education

Enjoyable edutainment for grown-ups

Fans of edutainment games like Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? or Discovering America are sure to enjoy Headline Harry, with its entertaining mix of strategy, mystery and puzzle solving. While the game wasn't particularly successful when it was first released, passing most gamers by, it is definitely worth seeking out by retro buffs in search of a good time. As you might expect, the game places players in the shoes of the titular Harry, a journalist always on the trail of a good story. Featuring all the elements that make real life journalism so challenging, like conducting interviews and following up leads, Headline Harry must travel across the US seeking out the stories which will make him and his newspaper the biggest attraction in the county. Adding to the difficulty are your rivals who will seek to get the scoop before you and who you must always stay one step ahead of. The game really is quite a blast, thanks to its neat combination of puzzles, strategy and genuinely funny humour, with headlines that are both witty and clever. Despite its age, the game's graphics are still nicely detailed, and are certainly bright and colourful enough, with plenty of personality and charm. The gameplay itself is highly entertaining, but the puzzles are pretty difficult, so despite its appearance, this isn't a game for the kids (unless they are particularly clever themselves!). In fact, Headline Harry is so absorbing and enjoyable that it is possible to forget that it's actually educating you at the same time and by the time you've finished it, you'll be surprised how much you know about US geography!

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