Math Blaster Plus!

Puzzle 1987 Dos Davidson & Associates Education Math or logic Preschool

Great educational game

It is a pure puzzle educational game which has a lot of educational value in terms of the problems that you solve. A lot of emphasis has been laid on the user interface to make it simple for the user to scroll between sections of the gameplay or the levels. The game has various sections and different math puzzles to solve and every puzzle gets tougher and tougher as you move on in levels. It has a very good replay value because every time you play it, the figures might change and the questions are swiped. The mathematical dynamics in the game involves subtraction question, addition question, fractions, percentages, multiplication and count downs. Some of the puzzles or the quizzes are based on time while the others have limitless time to deal with. The level designs in the game is supported by a very good and interactive interface where it is very easy to understand and interpret the questions and solve them. The graphics here are not much alluring but I guess the theme of the game is not demanding in this regard. The best thing is that it is high on learning value and is very interesting and competitive. Math Blaster! Is the predecessor to this game and was also quite fun.

For teachers and students

Math blaster + is a very awesome game! You should downoad it, teachers, because it gives your students a great learning experience! Math Blaster is a very old program but I think that it should still be in every school system still! you could use it every day and neer run out of problems on it! You can get also other Math Blaster! game there around.

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