Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

Puzzle 1989 Dos Dosbox Broderbund Word or trivia Education Historical

A fun educational history game

Another educational game from the smash hit series of games similar to the series, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, except this time Carmen is travelling through time instead of just around the world. The PC version of the game is very different and much more detailed to the Sega Master system or NES port releases so that is good to keep in mind. The game was made by Broderbund, an educational software company, so the game is mainly themed around educational subject matter. The game focuses around about facts in history. The game is a really basic adventure game and you will actually learn a lot about history. I learnt the river Nile was thought of by the early Egyptians as the "bringer of life", because when it flooded it provided water and fertilizer for the seasons crops. The game was made in 1989, so it features the sort of graphics you would expect from that era, but for a budget educational adventure video game, it is actually rather good. However the audience and education level would be around the 10-12 year old level, so adults probably will not get much enjoyment out of it, however if you are a parent and have kids it will still be a good educational game to set up for them.

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