Action 1993 Dos Albino Frog Software Strategic scope

Balloon high altitude maneuvers!

In Helious you will play as a balloon pilot, making sure you don't allow it to be destroyed, by touching any of the areas that would put a dent into it. The game is levels based, with each one having its own kind of perils and issues. There are turrets that want to take you down, there are pins, needles, there are areas that will push or pull on you, and furthermore, there are a whole load of other enemies, that control their own balloons that can also get you down. The game's backgrounds are very interesting, inspired by classic paintings and by other such beautiful landscapes. On top of these, the game has easy to see, carioca like graphics, thus you don't have issues seeing what is foreground and what is a background object. Also pretty great is the control scheme, that really gives you your money's worth, and will keep you engaged. So, no matter what, you will get a whole lot of fun out of this one. Also, what makes Helious very interesting is the way it progresses, not always from the easiest to the most difficult of levels. It's a nice if bumpy ride, and should give Helious a go. Else, Balloon Challenge can be a great option as well, more a puzzler in style, but fun still!

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