Action 1993 Dos Young K. Chung Strategic scope Puzzle based

Innovative yet gimmicky Tetris like

1993tris is a take on Tetris, original, for all intents and purposes, yet a little bit off-putting on the long run, mostly because it doesn't really have a lot in terms of feel and appeal. So, the idea is as follows; you have to destroy all the flies, which come in groups of 4; you can shift them in between, but for the most part, the best way to destroy them is to use a pistol brick next to them. The bricks, regardless of their symbols come from above. Along with the flies and the gun, your roaster of tiles of bricks is much more extensive, each one with a different kind of action added to it; however, even if most bricks (other than the flies ones) will aid you in destroying the flies, you still need to arrange them so that they will disappear by stacking. A similar game, more so than Tetris, is Columns, where the same column shifting and arranging mechanics are central to the game. Graphicaly, 1993tris is a little bit disappointing; the tiles/bricks are not too original, and the game looks like some kind of hijacked Win 95 like bundle of graphical elements (with that gray, unappetizing color) being the main background shade here, too. Still, it's worth a look, if you like Tetris and Tetris like games.

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