Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Accolade Arcade style Strategic scope

Make them columns fit!

Zyconix is a puzzler game, that is like a minimalist Columns meets Tetris game, and the combination of both these play stiles is done so that the basic game plays very well. The columns consisting of a few dozen different colored bricks fall from above and they need to be manipulated in such a way so as to allow a number of them to align. The aligned ones (in color) will disappear, leaving space for others to take their place. It's a very well produced, simple premise, yet it works great, and you can be sure that it will entice you. Furthermore, a refinement of the gameplay comes in the form of stackable bricks that disappear only when stacked horizontally or diagonally. You can use this idea to chain together the bricks ( some luck helps too!) so that you will make a lot of them disappear with a smart stacked arrangement! All in all very well done and very playable, and, for stacking puzzle lovers it sure is a cool addition, worth having in one's collection, together with Tetris and Columns.

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