Holiday World

Simulation 2004 Windows Global Software Trade or management Tycoon style Building

Diverse tycoon game combining trade with building

In Holiday World you'll play the role of a hands on developer of real estate, to be more precise, a developer that builds fun holiday resorts. Thus, in terms of its expensivity the game is a step higher than, say, an amusement park management game (see Rollercoaster Tycoon for a very specific example of that) but a bit less diverse than a city management game (see Sim City 2000 for a prime example of that!) So, in a sense, Holiday World stands quite uniquely among the rather agglomerated world of tycoon and builder games, combining good chunks of both while still keeping its own reference points. But, when you get to experience it for a while, you'll learn just how similar the building and maintenance of a larger holiday resort is, to the building and management of a small town. Yes, the clients want to have fun, but you can't just treat them to extreme rides all the time: they need rides of all sorts. And, after they've had fun at the water world or in some theater they will surely be hungry. So, make sure you build a diverse enough array of restaurants to keep your visitors fed. But erect a diner too close to a food stand and you'll drive one of them to be less profitable. So, as you might imagine, creating a balanced yet fun holiday resort will take a bit of skill and also a lot of patience. You can't really build anything very fast, as your times are mostly small enough, so the creation of the world will take some grind. But mostly, it is a question of managing your monetary intake. So try it out if you really want a builder but want a heftier chunk of economic management portion as well.

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