Hotel Giant 2

Simulation 2008 Windows JoWood Productions Trade or management Tycoon style Building Strategy Simulator

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Being a big fan of the original Hotel Giant, i couldn't wait to play the sequel. My enthusiasm was based on the quality and rewarding gameplay of the original, which i enjoyed very much. Alas, not everything you hope for comes true, and disappointments are bound to come your way. Hotel Giant 2 follows the prequel in nearly all aspects; eye-pleasing graphics, good sound & music quality and overall feeling of a highly polished game. But, it fails where it counts the most. Gameplay lost it's charm, there is no real feeling of achievement you had in the original. Everything is broken down into tiny bits of micromanaging hell. If you are a person with lots of free time and you're suffering from OCD you might yet enjoy this game, but for a normal gamer this appears to be a highly detailed tutorial on how to run a hotel in real life. Seriously, you have to spend hours managing everything from restaurant menu and prices down to lighting in the lobby. After a while it just becomes appalling and makes you smash your pc into tiny bits of dust. If you really really like micromanaging and have LOTS of time try it out, but if you want to keep your wits about you, avoid.

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