SimCity 2000

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Maxis Software Business Tycoon style City simulation

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The best simulator ever

This is one of my favorite simulation games. It is a God simulator, in which you build up a city. Only through hours of gameplay did I realize the game actually has no purpose, even if you build the perfect civilization, there is still no real goal. This is a highly addictive game as you are often faced with problems of a city from crime, to natural disasters ranging from tornadoes, riots or even being attacked by aliens. The game is a lot more complex and is essentially a sequel to the original Sim City. You can build roads that connect and sometimes frustratingly don't connect and if you are a perfectionist like me you will spend time to make your city look neat. Spending hours making your city look neat is a great way to develop obsessive compulsive syndrome (especially building the underwater piping systems for your sims). You can demolish your way through nature to expand your city. You can build railway lines and bus depots, to lower the traffic and it is cute to see the trains actually driving around your city. The game is all about getting your city right and thriving in harmony. You are forced to make some choices for good of the population of your sims, like ,do you go with cheap nuclear energy and have the risk of a nuclear explosion during an earthquake? Or do you go with expensive solar panels that take up a lot of room? Building parks, attractions, stadiums and rides, it is all great fun and you actually start to care a little too much for your virtual sims, which you have to remind yourself sometimes are not real!

The Simulation

Sim City original game has been my favorite game for 10 years. The first time I played it I turned off the disasters and built the biggest most beautiful city I have ever seen. Stadiums, Waterfall, Marinas, Zoos, airports large and small and Boat Ports. I love the graphics of the planes flying around with helicopters and the boats floating toward the port.

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