The Humans Meet the Ancestors

Puzzle 2008 Windows Deep Silver Lemmings variant Historical Action Simulation Arcade

Evolve or die!

The Humans series of games is a pretty nice collection of platform/puzzlers that should appeal to fans of things like Lemmings and The Lost Vikings and which sees you helping out a group of prehistoric people by guiding them through life. This fourth instalment in the franchise is quite similar to previous versions but still manages to add enough new features and ideas to make it worth picking up. As before, your task is to help these prehistoric people to evolve and progress through life. This basically boils down to a series of platform-style levels where you must guide your tribe to the other side of the screen by helping them find various tools which allow them to get past the many barriers to progress. You're given a certain number of characters to use per level, with each level having various goals, and a time limit. Actions you can take now include things like throwing rocks and spears, jumping, and killing animals or hostile tribespeople while you can easily switch between characters with a simple click of the mouse. This isn't perhaps a classic puzzle game but for some easy-going entertainment, it just about hits the mark. The concept isn't overly original but it's executed well enough for this to be forgiven. The visuals are suitably bright and colorful with a decent amount of personality while the levels are generally well designed, with some nice variety in the design and the puzzles themselves. It's perhaps not the most difficult game in the world but it is fun and it's this which counts the most.

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