The Lost Vikings

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Interplay Lemmings variant Platformer

Tomator must die!

The Vikings were minding their own business, enjoying the sweet life, surrounded by their children and views, when, all of a sudden, they found themselves teleported to a faraway place, so much different than what they had ever seen. The evil arch nemesis of the viking kind had stolen them and brought them to a spaceship, and, from there on, he will take them on a journey through space and time, ranging from fantasy to Sci Fi; but the three honorable protagonists are all experts in a certain field, Olaf can use a shield to protect against arrows and against other sorts of dangers, while also being able to soar gently through the air, Baleog is a master of sword wielding and archery, and Erik the Swift can jump high and destroy walls with his head. Combined, they are unstoppable, and, the game has levels so produced that cooperation is a must. Thus, the game is very puzzle, very tactical; you have to think every move beforehand, and work as a team. Graphically, the game is amazingly beautiful, very simple 8bit DOS in style, but crafted with minute detail and high art! So, if you ever wanted to try out a puzzly sidescroller, this has got to be the one you try, it sure is the best game of its kind. Download also later Lost Vikings games.

A very cute and fun game

This great game manages to make a fun mix of the classic and futuristic and you will most definitely fall in love with it. The three Vikings who are the game's main characters are trapped on an alien ship and your job is to help them make their way back home (much like in the Lemmings game series). Each of the three Vikings have theirs special abilities and the game is all about teamwork - you have to smartly use their abilities and combine them to help the Vikings get from one level to the other and eventually home. There are hints along the way that help you if you get stuck. The Viking them selves are very cute and appealing, designed a lot like the Galls from Asterix and Obelix. The gameplay is extremely fun and addictive and you'll catch yourself playing for hours on end. The graphics are not very sophisticated, but still beautifully designed and with a lot of nice colors and textures, and with great and motivating music and great sound effects. The game is very fun and cute and I highly recommend it.

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