Igor - The Time Machine

Puzzle 2002 Windows Elmer Productions Reflex oriented Arcade style Strategic scope

I bet this is the most challenging game you will ever play!

Igor - The Time Machine is a 2002 strategy game that involves a lot of puzzle solving. It's the kind of game that requires a sharp mind and it's perfect for you to test and apply your skills. It's not very easy to finish it, so you have a lot of work and efforts to put into the gameplay. Igor - The Time Machine resembles very much another classic puzzle games, Boulder Dash and the 1991 Supaplex. Prove you are passionate about knowledge and solve the various interesting puzzles that can help you build a time machine! You can do this by revealing the hidden plans inside the artifact that landed on Earth. Be a real genius and complete each level that reveals a piece of the puzzle as you progress. The levels also assume collecting certain numbers of Datapods to open the Exit. You will face dangers while doing this, of course. There are also some items in your way that will increase or decrease your chances to solve your tasks. To be sure what object is useful and which is not, the Characters will explain to you their function. Another attractive aspect of this game stays in the built-in level editor, with which you can create your own levels. I bet this is the most challenging game you will ever play! Good luck!

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