Boulder Dash (Remake)

Puzzle Dos Reflex oriented Item collection Strategic scope

Pointless remake of a classic

Another industry legend, Boulderdash is a series that is enduringly popular and has been converted to pretty much every format imaginable, and while this remake retains some of the original's appeal, it sadly ruins the memories thanks to charmless and ugly visual design. The basic gameplay remains the same, and for the uninitiated, this requires players to step into the shoes of an explorer (Rockford in the original) and dig through caves, collecting gems, and avoiding rockfalls, creatures and explosions as he makes his way to the ever elusive exit. Players can dig away at the ground to release boulders so that they can squash enemies, but care must be taken to ensure that this doesn't backfire and end up flattening them in return. Levels start out relatively straightforward but become increasingly challenging as new elements, like puzzles and other enemies, are introduced, while strict time limits also add to the fun. The core gameplay that makes Boulderdash a classic is certainly kept intact here but there is just something that feels wrong about the remake. It's not the controls, which are responsive enough, while the level design is generally fine, with some neat puzzles and plenty of enjoyable action. The visuals are however, a big part of the problem, with the original's characterful and distinctively chunky sprites replaced by bland, unimaginative and just plain boring characters and enemies. Given that this version doesn't really add anything to the gameplay, the reason for its existence must be questioned and if you want to play Boulderdash, stick to the original and best.

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