In the Days of Knights and Kings

Strategy 1989 Dos Entrex Software Historical Empire management

Edutainment heavy wargame; about the Norman Conquest

In the Days of Knights and Kings is a wargame, released in 89, and, for a game this old, I'd say it's relatively nice looking as well as playable. However, where it really shines is at the level of the recreation that it endeavors, of offering you a Norman Conquest step by step recreation, highly historically accurate, including the battle of Hastings, and other 9th century British scenarios. Now, depending on whether you choose to play it on the medium or easy, or the hard setting, the game will feel completely different. On the easy setting you don't have as much to worry about, as the enemy doesn't really coordinate its attacks properly. However, the hard setting will throw the kitchen sink at you, in terms of the enemy's abilities and capability! So, overall, In the Days of Knights and Kings you will get to experience a great campaign, really entertaining and really taking its toll on you. In terms of additional elements except the battle, you also get a bit of an economic simulation going, with taxes and with a few other elements such as this one. Graphically it's a black and white game, with a lot of text to offer you vital battle information, but it works pretty nicely. Else, download Centurion: Defender of Rome, if you want a similar era wargame, but a much more graphically sophisticated one.

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