Gold of the Americas

Strategy 1989 Dos SSG Strategic Studies Group Historical Empire management

Very comprehensive strategy making and diplomacy

It is a strategic decisions making game which involves a lot of diplomatic decisions making as well. The game is based on America where the northern and the southern section have been divided into 4 sea areas and about 31 land areas. You basically have to conquer them to unite them through your strategic and diplomatic decisions which will involve you to do a variety of different activities. There are 7 units in the game which are of different types and from which you need to choose. these units are Colonists, Armies, Warships, Trading ships, Privateers, Explorers an Slaves who have their crucial role in the game. The gameplay is basically on a map where you have detailed view of the positions of your units, your colonies and the warships in the sea. Every turn that you have in the game is for 10 years and every unit of weaponry or warheads that you build will only last for one turn. The good thing which I like about the game is that you have to devise strategies based on every new turn with nothing to do with the old scenarios. Your basic mission is to take control of Portugal, England, France and Spain along with the regions in America. The UI in the game is very elaborative and the graphics are smooth and crisp. I have found it a lot of fun and would definitely indorse it. Santa Paravia is also a very interesting game with a unique theme and a good gameplay.

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