Strategy 1990 Dos Dosbox Rainbow Arts Historical Empire management

Arab styled strategy with a penchant on empire building

Even if graphically you can't really say that Khalaan deserves to win award, once you get past this lesser part of it, you'll most likely find a lite, yet fun and very playable empire builder/manager strategy game you'll care for. That's because, on one hand, it is Arabian themed, and that makes for a very interesting mix. Gameplay is a mixed bag of classic turn based strategy, which involves both an economic management that is done on map, by managing each production building and then you have a second layer that is all about fighting that plays as a top down classic strategy. It's well paced, it's got an interesting AI that will play a lenient and at times a surprising game, and most of all, even if not super clean or too detailed texturally, it nevertheless looks very good. And so, with these things in mind, you can be sure that you will get quite a lot from this game. And, as far as realism goes, the war of attrition that can happen due to very well balanced forces is indeed tributary to the way the history recollects some of the Arabian wars, which adds verisimilitude to the recipe. Though, surely, this is not a nod to true history though. Alongside this one also download Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is even better at Civ like high level strategy.

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