Jagged Alliance 2 Gold Edition

RPG 2002 Windows Buka Entertainment Strategic scope Organized Forces Real time Strategy

The definitive oldschool Jagged Alliance version

I played the older Jagged Alliance and while I found it engaging, there were still issues that managed to nag me here and there. The graphical presentation of that one was so so for me, alright, but could have been better. Anyway, with Jagged Alliance 2 Gold Edition the majority of the issues that I had with JA1 were cleared away, and thus, if I feel like top down highly polished low level tactics, this is where I turn to. The backstory had always been a little muddy with jagged Alliance, which persists in this second title just as well, but frankly that is something that bothers me so little and has so little effect on the game that it's almost not worth mentioning. Add to that even easier controls, lots more scenarios and more customization to the basic premise and with this title you get the epitome of tactical gameplay, top down, well executed. It's, maybe second to Syndicate for me, but then again, those 2 games sort of scratch different itches, one being set in a dystopia that is more Sci Fi ish while the other being a dystopia more closely related to out socio economical current situation.

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