Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Bullfrog Organized forces Real time Science Fiction Action

Help the Syndicate rule the world in a very brutal way

I love all Bullfrog games (Populous 3 being my personal favorite), so this game doesn't make an exception from the rule. Set in a cyberpunk futuristic world, this great strategy game makes you control 4 cyborg agents on various missions, all in the goal to rule the world, territory by territory, while putting down mutinies, eliminating rivaling opponents, all in a very violent way. In short, you have to help the syndicate become a dictator. Firstly, it's all about action and conquering, then becomes about management too, which is the reason why this is a strategy game. The world is a cold place, so the game is a cold one, and unfortunately very realistic. The syndicate does not care about collateral damage. They do not care if the world gets burned to the ground. They just want to rule it. Set in an isometric point of view, the game is visually appealing and dynamic, with very nice and realistic game sounds and a very atmospheric soundtrack. Syndicate is a very serious and cold game with a great blend of strategy, action and business management. If you are both a Bullfrog and a strategy fan like I am, this game will be perfect for you, and it's sequel Syndicate Wars is also worth playing. Enjoy!

A bit antiquated

Cold-blooded game. This is the rare game which draws you into its computer reality because it "is computer reality." The machine world cares not of collateral harm and death. It simply has interests and aims of a business nature. It is the ultimate virtual reality, which makes this antiquated game thoroughly enthrawling.

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