Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business

RPG 2000 Windows Sir-tech Software Organized Forces Real time Turn based Strategy Modern

Mercenary Role Playing Game

Jagged alliance is a role playing game released in 1999. It is a very similar RPG game style as Heroes of Might and Magic. As with most games that are role playing they can often be quite slow to being with, but as soon as you start playing the game for a few hours it quickly becomes very addictive game without a dull moment. This one of those games, so if you begin playing it, you may find you cannot put the game down. You hire, then play and control various mercenaries characters , that can be bought through the local citizens or private companies. Character's start off with various skills and skill points and these are constantly upgraded throughout the game by having your characters participate in battle. You control the various mercenaries to maneuver through towns and countryside to reclaim territory from your opponent. Your mercenaries collect and gaing better weapons, armor and items to use as you advance. The game has had quite a following since it's release with games still being released in 2012, including Jagged Alliance DS released on the Nintendo DS console and other "soon to be released" Jagged Alliance games.

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