Luftwaffe Commander: WWII Combat Flight Simulator

Simulation 1998 Windows SSI Flight Military flight

Take it to the skies!

While Luftwaffe Commander should be applauded for offering World War II fans some very different action from other flight sims like Their Finest Hour, it ultimately doesn't prove to be anything more than a very average experience. In theory, it's got everything you need, it's just a bit let down by lack luster presentation and a few other issues which get in the way of the entertainment. This one lets you see WWII from the German perspective, and the main focus here is on a campaign which takes you all the way through the conflict, starting in the Spanish Civil War and continuing through the various fronts until the bitter climax. You've got ten different planes to try out, including the Me-262 for the Germans and the Spitfire and P-51 for the Allies, although these latter ones are only available in the single missions. The main campaign features fifty story-based missions to fly and once you've finished these off, you can also design your own with the custom mission editor. For the most part, Luftwaffe Commander is a pretty solid flight sim. It certainly scores some points for giving you a different perspective on things, and the German planes are interesting to fly. The missions too are generally well designed and offer some variety, but the problems come in when you look closely at the visuals, which are a bit lacking in clarity and detail, while there are also numerous bugs and such issues which bring the side down a bit. On the whole, this is a worthy attempt at something different but ultimately, it just doesn't come off.

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