Action 1992 Dos Zigurat Platformer Third Person

An inverted Space Invaders!

Well, here's me telling you about this game, which could also be a nice (if a bit lameish, just a little, hehe!) joke. So, someone calls a radio station and says, hey, I'm playing a game that looks like Space Invaders only it doesn't, plays like Space Invaders only it doesn't and, also, it has aliens you shoot at, only they are not aliens and you don't shoot at them! Well, what game might that be then? It's, of course, Jump! In it you play a frog that is being attacked by... insects and all you do is stomp on them as they keep coming. So it's like I said in the title, an inverted game of Space Invaders, at least if you don't mind a bit of freedom of describing it, irreverent of how the actual is like! But yeah, it is an arcade platformer game, and it looks like an NES game from the late 80s, mostly, I would say. It's well produced, though not very long lived since it only features so many levels, if you can call the enemy patters in the same graphic ensemble a level! It's worth playing nonetheless, but don't think of it as an arcader you'll play for a long period of time. Though, as a novelty it has its value.

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