Onesimus: A Quest for Freedom

Action 1992 Dos Ark Multimedia Platformer Third Person

A sidescroller similar to Jill of the Jungle

If you've finished the entire Jill of the Jungle series and yet you still feel like you'd like to play a sidescroller with a late 80's, early 90s shareware feel, this can certainly feel that gap. Most of the levels are set in a green imbued jungle environment, but there are also caves and other interior spaces to explore. All produced with simple bricks/tiles, and having that cheapo feel. But don't worry, after you've got to play a bit of the game, this simple and 8bit looking set of graphics will no longer feel alien or unsatisfying. As with the shareware titles of the same build, this too has rather poor animations, but they all fit in the blocky construction of this world. Plus, here and there, the potential tedium is cleared away by the puzzles. Thus, you will at times have to find keys, navigate spike puzzles and so on. Onesimus: A Quest for Freedom is thus a beautiful game, really satisfying, and also, really satisfying if you want a simple yet playable adventure, with lots of levels.

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