Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

Action 2003 Windows Universal Interactive Strategic scope Role playing

Adventure, management and action

Doctor John Hammond wanted a Jurassic park which can stun the world with its beauty and variety. Your mission in Operation Genesis game is to build and manage such park and make it the best wonder of the world. In doing so, you have to exercise a lot of management skills and have to consider a lot of factors such as security from the animals such as dinosaurs. You will also have to focus on the beauty of the park by providing for greenery and using the resources to the fullest. You also have to make provisions for maintain a constant supply of electricity to the park so that the animals can be kept within their parameters. This is not it as the game also gives you 10 different missions which involves search and rescue missions. The 3D graphics in the game help the player to build the best and the most wonderful park and also allows a detailed view of the action in it. The horror element has also been kept intact and the user interface of this game is simple and intuitive. Similarly the controls are also responsive and the game has a lot of variety of options. The original Jurassic Park was also a lot of fun, but this one is far better.

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