Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus

Action 2000 Windows Interplay Top down Strategic scope Role playing Adventure Fantasy Rpg Strategy

Strategy and RPG combined with a fantasy storyline

The Greek mythology is ripe with conflict and with a huge list of gods, half gods and other mythical creatures. Interplay and Quicksilver set back in 2000 to capitalize on this rather less explored fantasy repository and to create a combination of strategy and RPG set in this fantastic land of opportunity. Thus, Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus is a game that will please Greek mythology aficionados and will also quench the thirst of those that seek a strategy game in which you also fight with Achilles, Electra, Hercules and many more. Gameplay wise, the RTS portion feels just like a version of Age of Empires or rather like Age of Mythology while the role playing portion will remind of hybrid games. What it consists of is improving and making sure that from skirmish to skirmish your hero unit stays alive and betters itself. Yes, sometimes your hero can take on a lot more enemy units than any other on the map, but that is not the only function they serve. The heroes can also bestow bonuses to your other units, improving their accuracy, morale and so on. No, you still have to rely on your entire army to be able to expect to win, but, nevertheless, the gameplay is much more diverse with the heroes.

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