Jurassic Park

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Ocean Military Dinosaurs

Average movie tie-in

The inspiration for this game really shouldn't need any introduction, based as it is on the phenomenally successful book and movie, and although this doesn't do much for the poor reputation that licensed games have, it is somewhat better than other movie tie-ins but far from perfect. The story here loosely follows the plot of the film, wisely ignoring the more overt speculative science aspects of the book. Chaos has descended upon a tropical paradise as cloned dinosaurs escape from the confines of their man-made prisons and start munching on their creators. As heroic palaeontologist Alan Grant you must explore the island, blasting dinosaurs and their eggs to ensure they do not escape to the outside world. Jurassic Park has all the ingredients of a classic action/adventure game, with dinosaurs, big guns, gadgets and plenty of opportunities for exploration. Unfortunately, a few niggles prevent it from being worthy of more than a short investigation. Gameplay is initially fun enough, with lots of shooting action and with everything presented via a mix of chunky and attractive 2D and 3D graphics. However, the sluggish controls make progress slow and frustrating where it should be fluid and exciting. Exploration is an enjoyable aspect of the game and there is plenty to discover, including some meaty weapons and vicious dinosaurs, but ultimately Jurassic Park is little more than a simple, somewhat repetitive actioner. It's fun while it lasts, but rather unmemorable.

Welcome.. And hide! Dino danger!

Jurassic Park is a game that is based on the book by Michael Crichton and the smash hit movie with the same name, following its story in which you and your crew are on a visit to Jurassic Park, an island where dinosaurs live and they are set loose because of a big computer accident. You take the role of the famous paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant and you have to find Tim and Lex who are somewhere lost in the island. In 6 levels which increase in difficulty, you have to kill dinosaurs (much like in Carnivores) and destroy their eggs. You start with a simple weapon, but soon you find more powerful weapons and ammo. The gameplay is interesting and fun, with a top down view, and the graphics is really good but I really mind how slow the character moves. The game's soundtrack is also good but nothing special. Two players can play together, so it's not a bad idea to invite a friend to the fun. Overall, Jurassic Park is a fun action game which will provide all that you need from it, but I can't say that it'll rock your world.

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