Adventure 2005 Windows Savaric Movie style 3D action adventure Indie Casual

Mementos can be the key to an entire life s meaning

Keepsake is a classical point and click adventure but its special feature is its very unassuming, feminine, suave story. It is not a masculine story, if you will, it is a young lady story, if I'm allowed such a comparison, a bashful, revealing but a fine as silk type story, a feat that very few adventure games ever did. In fact, except for The Longest Journey and the Syberia series I'm hard pressed to think of another game that told such a nice, not at all abrasive story. So what is it all about? Well you'll have to uncover a mystery based on keepsakes, you find along your journey, pieces that will bring back memories of a past life. It all begins to make more sense gradually, and the revel is no bombastic, shrieking one, it's a fine, nicely tuned kind of story that gently reveals itself, and engulfs you in a nice feeling of sadness and joy. Plus, the game is very well delivered, graphically up there with the best and with moderately intricate puzzles (which for the most part are not that original but are well designed). Play it for its earnestness and the realization that you don't have to shout to be heard. Plus, to aid your exploration the game features a built in tips walkthrough, so you can always see what you need to do next if you ever get stuck. A very elegant game Keepsake is, so do try it!

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