Longest Journey, The

Adventure 2000 Windows Funcom Science Fiction Third Person Action Point and click Fantasy Rpg

One of the best adventure games

The Longest Journey is one of the best adventure games ever created! You will be introduced into an absorbing story, that presents two worlds: one that is the ending result of the technology, and the other one that is created by imagination and spirituality. You play as a girl named April Ryan, that is capable to cross over both of these worlds. Beside this, you will solve thrilling puzzles, discover and explore outstanding locations, meet new people, confront enemies, shortly, you will grow and learn in the journey of your dreams! April is a student that ran away from home to seek for a better life, and the primary reason of her unhappiness was her father. The Longest Journey is one of the games that will turn hours into minutes, that pass without you noticing. Well, FunCom succeeded in creating an atmosphere that gives pretty much the effect of a drug. The interaction with other characters and the enviroment runs smooth and is easy to perform, so no problems in this area. In fact, I found no issues in the gameplay, everything is designed carefully, with an authentic devotion and creativity, from the graphics, options, to the exceptional music. Every mission will end in a surprising and emotional way, and that is why this game is unforgettable!

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