Myst 4: Revelation

Adventure 2004 Windows Russobit-M Movie style Puzzle Fpp Casual

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The Myst series of adventure games is something of a legend in the industry, and although some might consider them a bit too cerebral and slow-paced, there's no denying that most of the games provide a really satisfying experience. This fourth entry in the franchise is one of the better ones and if you've enjoyed games like The Dark Eye, this should probably be in your collection. The plot is rather complex though and links back to earlier entries, most notably the first one, so you might want to check that out first. Here, you discover the fate of the two brothers from the original and find yourself in an epic quest to find the daughter of one of the major characters, with this journey taking you through two huge and haunting prison worlds. The gameplay is similar to previous titles, being a point-and-click adventure where you must explore the many environments, searching for clues and objects to manipulate in order to solve the many puzzles. This is perhaps the most interactive Myst yet, and there really is a lot to play with here, making it a very satisfying experience. This is aided by the generally compelling storyline, which although abstract and a far cry from more mainstream video game narratives, should keep most players hooked. The variety and inventiveness of the puzzles are also strong selling points, and the ones here are challenging and entertaining, with a big sense of accomplishment when you solve them. The visuals are superb, really bringing this strange world to life, and are aided by the impressive soundtrack. All in all, a classic adventure experience.

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