Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox System 3 Software Oriental Epic

More colorful and playable than on the Commodore

The Last Ninja series began with a blast and this title did not disappoint either. The story is continued from the first game, and so you'll be playing as Armakuni again, looking to avenge his brother, who came to a sudden end in the events of the first game. The gameplay has evolved, though certainly it's still the classic point and click but level design helps a lot as it is a lot tighter, more diverse and more eager to bestow clues on you. There was, however one type of puzzle that ended up being overused, one based on box shuffling to gain access to certain spaces, but personally I didn't mind it, I like these. Others are classic spot and pick up the item and use it at the appropriate time. So, I'd say, if you want a puzzle heave adventure, sure, this is one that will make it work, but otherwise better stay clear of it, it's got a pretty boring story, in my view at least (I enjoy more thought out stories, within the Syberia or Amerzone type deals). But, judged within the series and its tonality, it works.

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