Dragon's Lair 2

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox ReadySoft Single screen Epic Action Adventure Casual

Playable but no revelation...

Dragon's Lair the first was a small revolution he day it hit the arcades all over the world; it was the first game to use animated graphics that looked just like a cartoon (because, after all, that's what they were!) and also the first game and today, mostly, the only one that people known and remember as the one that was a laserdisc game. As you might imagine, the adventure that it proposed was pretty well produced, but also very hard to look at as a gamers' game; you had to push the buttons at the right moment, (proto quick time event style) and a certain animation would be triggered; press the wrong button, or press it in a time frame that was not exactly timed, and you'd end up with an end game animation. Basically you had to learn the controls by moving forward and making mental notes of what you had to do. But, the graphics, the novelty and the excitement and buzz around the game fueled it and it was quite successful. The second game continued on the same path, still an animated game, but with a little bit more control over what was seen on screen. But by the time it came out the buzz was long gone, as more interactively open games were beginning to be easier to produce and release. Still, it's playable and, considered independent of any time frames or any other historical ideas, while not at the level of its brother, it's still a pretty well done game. So, surely, give it a go!

A typical "Save the princess " game

After playin the original Dragon's Lair 2, I was really anxious to see the sequel, but I still approached with a dose of skepticism - most games don't make good sequels. This game is definitely one in this long list. Even though the "Save the princess before the time runs out" premise of the game sounds adventurous and fun enough and even though the game sports fantastic graphics withe beautiful animations that were really advances for it's time, the game unfortunately fails in the gameplay section. Not only are the controls pretty jumbled and confusing, the entire gameplay makes the game seem dull and unappealing. Sure - it's witty and it's pretty funny, but doesn't save it enough to be really enjoyable. Not only is this PC conversion of the game a lot worse than the original console version, the game itself was somewhat of a disappointment. That's a real shame, because the game had true potential to be a lot better than it actually turned out.

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