Last Ninja

Arcade 1987 Dos Dosbox Activision Oriental Epic

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Well done action game, fusing multiple gameplay styles

The Last Ninja could be looked at as an adventure game, were it not for the action bits. It could very well been a fighter game, or a brawler kind experience, but no, it was a bit more ambitious than that. Also, Last Ninja could have been an RPG but the character development is almost missing, so, there you have it, a potpourri of so many elements that actually coagulate pretty nicely. The game is delivered in well done isometric 2d graphics, suffering a bit from the issues inerrant in EGA graphics, which is to say a lack of too many colors and pretty blocky graphics. But, given how diverse this oldie is, I doubt anyone will find points of contention for it for the looks. Because when you feel you've had enough of a level, the game manages to create a different experience down the road and put you back into the action again. It's a bit hard, quite early on, but it's not unfair; you'll always have the tools to progress, but you'll also be at the edge of your seat more often than not, so be prepared. And play Shogun as well, another game that is telling a Japanese infused story this time in regular sidescroller 2D.

Action, adventure, entertainment...

Last Ninja is one of those classic games that were very popular during 80s. This action-adventure game was more than 25 years old but still this great classic game has a lot of appeal to the classic game and arcade game lovers. It was first developed and published by System 3 in 1987. It is the first episode of the Last Ninja series. Later Last Ninja 2 (1988), Last Ninja Remix (1990) were released. On the Commodore 64 in early 90s it was one of the greatest hits of all time. Also it won a lot of awards. The Last Ninja is not just an action game; it has exploration, puzzles also. The story of this game is also simple. In this game you will need to have a journey. The journey ends to the palace where you will find the evil king shogun Kunitoki. Your objective is to find and destroy him. This is an interesting game. I like it because it is still an entertaining game although it was developed in late 80's. Overall I can give a 5 out of 5 rating to this game because of it is an entertainer and very good game.

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