Puzzle 1994 Dos Davilex Word or trivia

Language based trivia game, similar to the eponymous TV show

Lingo is a very specific type of trivia/word based game. It asks you to guess a word consisting of no more than 5 letters. On the playing field there are 17 balls, each with their own designated number. Pick the bingo card that is attached to them and then, depending on who's turn it is, you will have three red balls, and three green balls. Passing these along to the other players makes the game a bit of a gamble. Basically, guessing one more letter will aid your opponent, that is, if his guess is correct. However, a wrong guess will take one of your balls away. Basically, you're playing a sort of double blind game; choosing to give up a turn instead of a wrong guess. The TV show thus, had a sort of a psychological bit to it, but the digital game doesn't have that. At any rate, the game is pretty atmospheric, with an interesting presenter and will definitely keep you playing for quite some time. The word repository contains no less than 15.000 words so, for a couple of play sessions there won't be no issues with repeating words. Heck, make that weeks! So yeah if you love games such as Wheel of Fortune or Hangman type deals it's impossible to not find this recipe interesting. Give it a try!

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