Links LS 1998

Sport 1997 Windows Eidos Golf

It's time for some golf!

Links LS 1998 Edition is a sports game for all the golf fans, that can be played from the 1st and 3rd Person Perspective. This game succeedes to impress at the graphics area, with its quality when it comes to the laws of physics, with the general background, which is very important at a golf simulator. Even if Links LS 1998 doesn't include more modern and complex elements, accomplishes its goal to make us stay in front of the computer for long hours. There are many games that appeared in this period, each trying to render the best realistic feeling on the golf course. Everything is made so as you can enter more efficiently in the player's shoes. The graphics are excellent, being composed of thematic photographs. It's a virtual experience that requires tactics, patience, and you have to prove as much as you can that you have a precise intuition. The taskbar that is placed down the screen will help you when it comes to the control, offering effects options, the exact position of the ball on the map, the types of terrains you should consider when performing your shot.From all the golf simulators I have played, I can definitely choose the Links LS Editions, due to the genuine feeling they deliver.

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