British Open Championship Golf

Sport 1997 Windows Looking Glass Technologies Golf

The producers did a great job!

British Open Championship Golf is a sports game released in 1997 by Looking Glass Studios, Inc. The developers accepted the challenge and did a great job by creating this game, especially at the graphics area. But, let's not forget about the laws of physics, at which they proved their high level of expertise. I totally believe that the general background of a golf simulator is the most important thing, and this game succeeded to amaze us with its well-done and unique image. The wide perspective reaches the horizon, giving us the feeling that there is no limit of sight, and the environment elements are detailed and realistic. The view is from a third-person perspective. With the first click, you can set the direction and destination of the shot, and with the other two clicks, you are able to establish the power and height of your shot. The atmosphere is captivating, being intensified by the presence of the audience. When you concentrate in your shot, the public watches breathless and reacts after every hit performed by the player. The gameplay runs smoothly, and the controls allow you to be precise in your actions. You have the possibility to aim at the hole in every position and direction. If you want to experience a genuine golf game, download British Open Championship Golf!

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