Sport 1996 Windows Maxis Software Golf

Serious golf sim, very neat and corporate like!

If golf simulations were people with different dress codes, then I would definitely see this game here as the perfect corporate man or lady, sporting the suit and tie of the office space or the same version of the same attire on the lady. But, that doesn't mean that this game is lame or bad, Not at all, it is just a very serious take on the game, it doesn't want to be cute or original, it just seems to want to be right! And it sure is! The graphics are a combination of prerendered animations for the golfer and static 3D for the game world. You'll be able to tell it, but I don't think it will bother you, because the aiming and the strength and effect of each shot are well mapped out control wise and also well implemented physics wise. So, that is is, if you want a serious, no frills, no nonsense kind of retroish Sim golf game, this is it. If however you are looking for the more cartoony but still very playable golf sim, I would advise you try Sensible Golf, cute, playful, well produced and with a more relaxed attitude. The casual dressed man or lady of golf sims! So have your pick!

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