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O dear God, please smite down that horde of minotaurs

There are about a million of Diablo clones out there, and Loki is most assuredly one of them. Hack'n'slash game set in mythological world has you battling against hordes of enemies all the way from start to end. Even though it is obviously cloned, it manages to add some of its own, unique charm into the equation. Interestingly enough, that is what makes it rather enjoyable passtime between dinner and morning coffee. You start by picking your hero, and at your disposal there are Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Aztec characters, male or female. Once you choose warrior or mage, you are ready to embark on your genocidal journey through ancient lands. And trust me, i am not exaggerating. You will slay all manor of creatures by the hundreds, and you will do it all the time. Game is divided into four chapters, one for each playable race. A nice touch in the game are the gods. You pick three of them to be your pantheon, and later on you can call upon them to grant you different blessings. There is no need to mention that you will gather gazillion items along the way, ranging from stylish new pants to magically enhanced weaponry that would put Conan out for good.Game is rather hard to complete, so you will die quite often, unless you are a gaming Deity yourself. If you are, try to play the hardest difficulty setting and let me know how it goes. Graphics and sound are very nicely done, and add to the atmosphere of the game. If you like hack'n'slash games try Loki. If you have a bad mouse, avoid, you will break it.

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