Brigade E5: New Jagged Union

RPG 2005 Windows 1C Company Organized Forces Action based Action strategy Role playing Action Simulation Strategy

No fun here

Based on the game E5 and essentially being a spiritual successor to the popular Jagged Alliance series of turn-based strategy games, New Jagged Union is an interesting but deeply flawed attempt at bringing the franchise to a new audience. It suffers from some poor AI, awkward interface, and a whole raft of other problems, so in all good conscience, it's a tough game to recommend. Like the Jagged Alliance series, this one is based on a small tropical island which is about to erupt in civil war. Your job as the leader of a team of mercenaries is to hire team members and then send them in to complete a variety of complex missions so that the island becomes a safe place (or help out the evil dictator and contribute to the rise of global anarchy if that is your wish). The missions unfold in something that the developers termed "Smart Pause Mode" which basically means the game falls between being an RTS and a turn-based strategy game, like Laser Squad, but where actions don't cost points to execute and instead simply take time. New Jagged Union might be applauded for trying to revive what was a flagging genre at the time but unfortunately, it really wasn't worth the effort. It certainly looks ugly now and wasn't even attractive when it was released. This could be forgiven if other elements were implemented well but they're not. The poor camera angles make everything frustrating, while the AI is almost completely lacking in anything approaching intelligence and there's a sense of not being finished hanging over everything. It's a shame but you're really better off sticking with the JA series or even the original Fallout games.

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