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Cute excursion into a toy factory

It's time to take a journey through a pretty creepy toy factory in this little-known but clever and inventive little platformer that while not perfect, is certainly worth a look for when Mario or Sonic don't quite cut it. On the surface, this is just another cute platformer but if you delve into it a bit more, you'll find some originality in its run 'n' jump gameplay, with some well designed levels and plenty of imaginative design work. The story sees the player controlling a toy girl who must explore the factory in which she works and which is populated by vast numbers of aggressive machines and toys who are out to get her. The narrative is certainly unusual and provides a lot of the game's appeal as the main character is quite engaging and makes a refreshing change from the usual gaming heroes. The gameplay itself is slower paced than is often the case so if you're a speed freak looking for Sonic-style thrills, then this is unlikely to prove appealing. However, for those who prefer a more considered and thoughtful game, then this is likely to prove more attractive. The platforming action itself is well done, requiring thought as well as quick reactions in order to navigate successfully while the visuals are undeniably charming (if a little unnerving at times)with some lovely sprites and environmental design to enjoy. The levels are substantial, with much to explore and plenty of variety in the bad guys which again adds to the appeal, while the music is appropriately chirpy and is actually quite catchy, rarely outstaying its welcome. Many gamers might be put off by Lollypop's visuals, thinking it to be merely a game for younger players, but to do so would be a mistake for underneath its cutesy exterior lies a well crafted and enjoyable adventure.

Very cute, but slow

Lollypop is a very cute jump 'n run plaftomer game (Like Prehistorik 2) with very original level design and a very nice soundtrack. Our main protagonist is a little girl toy who is traveling in a toy factory. The gameplay is pretty typical for this kind of game -she jumps from platform to platform, over obstacles and uses lollipops as a weapon. As I said, the level design is very original and beautiful. There are sugar cones, candy, production engines, pipes and all kinds of other cool stuf as a level design base. The girl herself is very cute. The graphics are very detailed and very, very colorful. I would say that this is the best feature of the game. As much as I liked the game's music, I didn't like the repetitive and even annoying sound effects, especially when she's jumping. I also mind the fact that she moves way to slow, so the game is not very dynamic. If you like platformer games, you should give it a try, but don't expect something that will blow your mind. A good afternoon fun.

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