Turrican 2

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Rainbow Arts Shooter Platformer

Fast paced futuristic sidescroller shooter

With this second title, the ideas put forth by the original had become more easy to gaze upon, as this game's style is like a jump from 8bit to 16 bit gaming. There is lots more colorful scenarios and backgrounds and even the player character looks a bit more fluid in its animations, though surely not extremely. But given the relative fast pace at which you move around, the lack of many intermediate frames of animation is not going to be noticeable or get in the way of your enjoyment. Nope, not at all, it fits right in. The game keeps the same recipe in terms of how many enemies you'll be dealing with, the amount of shooting you'll do and the amount of jumping and trying to obfuscate the hell of flying bullets and enemies that can rush towards you at any one point. Yep, it's one of those games that would not feel out of place in a Japanese arcade. So, be weary, it can be quite hard and quite on the edge many times, but it is never unfair or unbalanced. Yes, it asks you to be on your toes at all times, but that is something that, once you've gotten used to won't feel out of place anymore. So give it time to adjust and you'll sure feel energized after a session, or play the more recent release, from 2002, which ups the graphical ante a lot more.

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Turrican 2 is a side scrolling action game and the second entry of the Turrican series. Turrican 2 has proved to be one of my favorite side scrolling game for the DOS system. The game takes place in the far future of the year 3025, a period which peace and freedom has been enforced by an organization known as the United Planets Freedom Forces. But on day, a huge ship appears and all is thrown into chaos. It is your job to stop the ones that call themselves the Machines and restore peace in the galaxy. In the game's intro video, the mention about the Machines and when they show such a Machine, I swear that has a strong resemblance to Galactus from the Marvel universe. The gameplay is pretty much simple: head to the right, shoot everything in sight and pick-up energy and weapon power-ups. The game isn't too difficult, but it can get overwhelming in some points of the game. The graphics are great and the music is quite good.

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