Hocus Pocus

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Apogee Platformer Adventure Arcade

Harry Potter goes old school

Fans of classic platformers like Manic Miner, Jetpack and Pitfall would be well advised to check out this little-known gem from 1994. It features a surprisingly deep and detailed storyline, which tells the tale of an apprentice magician named Hocus, who must prove his worth by completing a series of tasks set by the Council of Wizards. These tasks require the player to collect the magic crystals that will allow Hocus to unleash his true potential, while also winning the hand of his sweetheart. Along the way, Hocus encounters all number of enemies out to defeat him, including walking mushrooms, giant lizards and even Eskimos. While not especially original or imaginative, this is actually a solid platformer, which benefits from tight controls, eye-catching graphics, and even some excellent music and neat sound effects. A variety of potions and power-ups are available and added interest is provided by the boss encounters. Although individual levels are quite short, there are enough to provide a good challenge, and each has its own distinct visual flair with cool character design and some striking graphical effects. Overall, this is a sound platformer that stands up as a good example of the genre and is to be recommended.

Great and fun platform game

This was one of my favorite platform games (like Captain Claw is, too) when I was a child and it still is today. The main objective of this great game is to collect all crystal balls that are in the level to proceed to the next, while jumping over traps and avoiding obstacles as well as vanquishing evil enemies that stand in your way. You also collect lots of jewels, emerald, diamonds and other prizes which give you more points. The prizes are not obligatory for picking up, but you can get bonus points if you do. You also get bonus points if you finish a level in a specified time frame. The final level of each episode contains a boss fight. Although a quite typical platformer, this game is also very fun and interesting to play, with relatively okay graphics (definitely could be better) but lacking a good sound system. The game is great fun for the whole family and I highly recommend it, since this is one of those games that are great even decades after their initial release!

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