Lost Tribe, The

Puzzle 1995 Dos Lawrence Productions Education Strategic scope

When I was a boy, kids played with sticks, not computers..

In the age of individuality, in this game we are reminded of how important it was in history to stay together as one group to avoid dangers, fight together and mostly, to survive. In those days, if you were alone, you would be very dead very soon. In this funny and interesting game, you are the leader of a prehistoric tribe and you have to get your tribe to safety through harsh and hostile lands. It will not be easy. Your authority will be questioned, there will be mouths to feed and duties to assigned. The gameplay and user interface are simple and very soon you will be clear what does what. Visually, the game is very appealing, with very nice map details, and the combination of the colorful map with the brown interface looks very good. I think the games greatest value is that it's very educational. While playing it, you are taught about survival skills and the game simulates prehistoric life pretty accurately and makes you think about how far we've come in our progress that we don't have to rely on others to stay alive. The game is a must have in every way - it's fun, interesting, witty and educational. Great for kids and grown ups alike! If you are interested in similar games, try out Discovering America.

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